Responses to 2010 Raku Workshop

 “I appreciated the opportunity to complete a project from start to finish. I feel there is real value in seeing the project through to the firing. After the firing I was immediately inspired for my next project and was overwhelmed with ideas of what to do next.  I learned that there is so much science behind mixing glazes, and often the mistakes aren’t revealed until the piece is fired.”
- Holly Curry Bono

“Nancy Ross expertly guided us through the raku process, addressing any
concerns and answering any questions we had, all the while allowing us the
freedom to explore our own creativity. The firing was hot and mesmerizing
with the appropriate level of danger. Opening the reduction cans to
discover what changes your glaze had undergone was like unwrapping a
present on Christmas morning. It was a fun and exciting weekend; I hope to
attend next year.”

-Patrick Gibson

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